Carol Fox, Fox Marketing Solutions, Fair Oaks, CA, USA

Carol Fox, Fox Marketing Solutions, Fair Oaks, CA, USA

[email protected] |3604711139

I have been in the tourism industry for 40 years. Currently, I am President of SKAL Sacramento chapter and Treasurer of Norcal Hawaii Ohana. I have worked for top tour operators, cruise line and domestic and international government tourism offices.

My business, Fox Marketing Solutions was launched in 2013 and I represent resorts in Hawaii and tour operators that market to US travelers, many destinations including Europe, South Pacific, Asia and Africa. Joining WTN would allow me to contribute to the industry in a new way.

I believe it is important for those of us who have established careers in tourism, to lend their time and experience to help our industry rebound, grow and thrive. I am indebted to all the people and businesses around the world who have supported me throughout my career. I also owe it to the many young tourism professionals who are just beginning their careers in the industry.

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