Leisure and Safari Trails Tours

Leisure and Safari Trails Tours

Leisure & Safari Trails Tours is a private tour company registered and operating its tour business from Zanzibar Islands – Tanzania. It was founded to connect and discover the beauty of Zanzibar & Mainland Tanzania which is known as “The roof of Africa”.

Our Company’s main priority is to enhance the good tourism partnership in every country around the world. And also help to promote and discover the beauty beyond all the state and city of the United Republic of Tanzania. Leisure & Safari Trails Tours join the WTN in order to achieve Local, Regional, National, and Global visibility through the network and channels of WTN.

Leisure and Safari Trails Tours was re-registered last year and started operating in Zanzibar for selling beach holiday packages, tours, excursions & water sports activities, and Mainland Tanzania for Wildlife safaris for game viewing & Mount Kilimanjaro climbing and hiking.

We welcome all members on this platform to book and reserve their beach holidays, Wildlife safaris & Mount Kilimanjaro climbing/hiking with Us.

www.leisureandsafari.com | +255 656 636 907

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