Colin Bisdewell, Pathway Consulting Group Limited, UK

Colin Bisdewell, Pathway Consulting Group Limited, UK

Independent management consultant – sourcing and procurement, contracting, value and supply chain management, cost optimization.

Big 4 experience – PwC, Accenture former CPO – Virgin Care (outsourcing of healthcare services within UK) former Non-Executive Director (Reach2, Multi Academy Trust, Education)

Inventor: “Lounger Logger-ensuring a fairer sunbathe”(R)

Looking for pioneers/leaders/challengers/visionaries/early system adopters for Lounger Logger(TM) invention

Lounger Logger(TM): IoT-connected occupancy sensors in sunloungers linked to timer/clock to:

*Enable self-service lounger reservations in real-time via a device, preventing crowding/queuing at lounger terrace entrance infringing social-distancing/CV19-related restrictions.

*Send time-based notifications in occupancy to warn of dangers of UV/skin cancer
*Send time-based notifications in vacancy to eliminate “lounger hoggers” (unofficial extended reservations by an eg towel)

Everyone gets their fair share of the sun. No more sunrise sunlounger stampedes (getting up at silly-o’clock on holiday to reserve loungers with eg towels)
Automation ensures fair use, increases sustainability and accessibility for mobility-impaired. Increases reputation and compliance. Reduces claim risk/litigation under accessibility/equality law

UN Sustainable Development Goals 3,8,10,12,16 refer
UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities refers
Company law refers (Directors’ duties-eg s172(1)(d) UK Companies Act 2006 and International equivalents – community=taxpayers’ NICs etc/patients via opportunity cost)

Patent pending