Ian Sauer, Summit Hospitality Group Ltd, Raleigh, NC, USA

Ian Sauer, Summit Hospitality Group Ltd, Raleigh, NC, USA

I am a life long Hospitality Industry associate, member , leader and advocate. I have been directly involved in the Hospitality Industry for 40 plus years enjoying a diverse and unique background in operations, sales, development and now ownership. I have been a 20 plus year member of SKAL and have traveled to over 15 World Congress’s and many more North American Congress’s and Events. I am past president or board chair of many organizations, charities, Chambers of Commerce and Convention Bureau’s. We are in a critical time in our history and we all need to collaborate to strengthen the position of hospitality as a key driver in each of our economy’s.

My current company for the past 25 years, has focused on the great state of North Carolina Travel and Tourism. Our unique and diverse 18 hotels and 4 restaurant portfolio is a leading company in Local & National award winning facilities in major cities and resort destinations. Additionally my wife also who is a active member in the Hospitality Industry focusing on large event management and sales, convention center event management and hotel sales.
We love to travel and entertain.


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