Hoi Kuen Wonh, Tripwant, Hong Kong

Hoi Kuen Wonh, Tripwant, Hong Kong

I believe innovation can contribute for the resilience of the industry, from technological innovation, market innovation, product innovation, process innovation, and marketing innovation, stakeholders should take the pandemic as an opportunity for creative disruption. Let’s restart the industry with innovative vision and mission, thank you Regards HK Wong Tripwant

Mr. HK Wong has spent over 20 years in marketing consultancy and event management in the Asia Pacific, of which over 10 years with destinations marketing and national tourism organizations.

Mr. Wong is the founder of the Asia Pacific E-Travel Innovators Association (APETIA). He has profound knowledge in tourism product development and destinations marketing, especially sustainable tourism and community-based related products.

Mr. Wong has also developed a strong global network with tourism stakeholders. He has been spending years as the official tourism representative for Hong Kong and the Greater China market of the Philippines and Zimbabwe.

He earned his Master degree in sustainable tourism from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and also completed the advanced management program co-organized by UC Berkeley and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore with the focus of Asian Leaderships and innovative entrepreneurships. In addition, he achieved the professional certificate of Tourism Crisis Management of University of Florida, USA and a diploma in Food Culture and Gastronomy from HEG and l‘universite Reims Champagne-Ardenne of France. He is a member of the PATA future technology committee and a voluntary adviser for the Association of National Tourist Office Representatives Hong Kong (ANTOR HK).

Being a nature lover and culture admirer, Mr. Wong also enjoys sharing his travel experiences through painting, writing, and photography.

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