Jake Haupert, The Transformational Travel Council, WA, USA

Jake Haupert, The Transformational Travel Council, WA, USA

The world is changing. It’s time for conscious evolution in travel and tourism.

We’re using this moment as a launchpad to something completely different, a transformation economy, and encouraging a mindset, approach, and model that measures success based on more holistic, conscious, and virtuous outcomes.

Travel joins other catalysts for personal transformation and new lifestyle choices, from family and relationships to life events, personal health, etc.

To be further explored, travel can be catalytic in a handful of areas: relationships, ecological footprint, consumer and travel choices, social purpose and philanthropic commitments, lifestyle and time management choices, and mindful, contemplative practice.

Comments, ideas, proposals or explanations:

We suffer from a crisis of good travel. We are increasingly disassociated from the things that matter most – each other, experiences, and our communities and impact.

As a result, we are unhappier and poorer stewards of one another and our planet, with increasingly dire consequences.

We see our present interconnected global challenges of digital addiction, societal separation, widespread environmental degradation, climate crisis, poverty, and social inequities, as issues, transformational travel and regenerative tourism can and should address.

by Jake Haupert


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