Event Contractor Lab, Kimberly Newman, Ashburn, VA USA

Event Contractor Lab, Kimberly Newman, Ashburn, VA USA

FOUNDING MEMBER: As our industry works to recover, I strive to be a viable part of providing assistance in any way I can. This industry has been a part of my personal and professional life for over two (2) decades. It has shaped not only the lives of the staff we’ve employed, the clients we’ve served, but our own families. There is so many wonderful opportunities and connections that we’ve made. So having a space to come together and strengthen our connectivity is a wonderful blessing. As a member of Skal, I was introduced to WTN and have watched it’s growth. This is why I sought out to elevate my engagement and look forward to elevating individually as well.

We are not just a Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Event agency, we are cultivators of your business story and your ideal strategy champions. We create your collateral messaging, and then take it to MARKET!
Our staff are leaders in their industries. Giving you access to Marketing Strategists and Sales Hunters from Hospitality, Tourism, Government, Private Corp, Retail, Large Events, and Transportation. Now we are committed to helping you grow your business by connecting building, and bringing you to the buyers!

We work with:

• Hotels
• Transportation
• Travel Direction
• Tour Guiding
• Large Meetings
• Sourcing Companies
• Production Companies
• Certified and/or Clearance
• Convention Visitor’s Bureaus
• Destination Management Companies
• Marketing Agencies
• Print
• Speakers
• Catering (Food & Beverage)

We come with decades of industry experience. Having created and executed some of the world’s most EXCEPTIONAL programs. Our industry vets have transitioned from vendor to working direct, helping you navigate the daunting process of branding your business. Our contractors are experts in their field and they are dedicated to lending their industry expertise.

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