GreenHeart Consulting, Sneshka Richter, Southhampton, UK

GreenHeart Consulting, Sneshka Richter, Southhampton, UK

Sneshka Richter is the Founder of GreenHeart Consulting and Accredited Green Globe Auditor.

She has worked in international tourism since 1993, and since 2002 she was active as Lecturer of Tourism in England, Trainer in Customer Service Excellence, as well as Business Development Consultant, while raising awareness of Sustainability and Environmental Issues.

As a passionate linguist, Sneshka has also taken the opportunity to co-operate with Hampshire County Police and Southampton Social Service, providing services as a multilingual Interpreter, whenever possible between commitments in the Tourism Industry.

Prior to 9/11, Sneshka has spent time as International Business Development Executive for the Albatross Group, a wholesale tour operator in Kent, England, where she had produced and launched their ‘Grossbritannien und Irland’ 2002 brochure aimed at wholesale clients in German speaking Europe, while creating the entire product including negotiations with suppliers and contracting. Her passion for Sustainable Development started to form during her time as Lecturer in Travel and Tourism at Brockenhurst College in Hampshire, England.

It was during her lecturing years, Sneshka had created a new concept of conference for students of Travel and Tourism, combining opportunities for learning with multi-faceted networking for students, lecturers, tourism professionals and local government representatives with great results for the College and their Travel and Tourism Department.

For several years, she has worked in promoting Peace through Tourism with Responsible Travel and Sustainable Tourism Development in mind, developing a supporting network and platforms for potential international conference events.

As a qualified Welcome to Excellence Trainer, she continues with a strong belief in high standards of client experience, in all areas of communication and activity.

By getting involved in Sustainability Certification and Advisory, Sneshka has chosen to unite her long and rich experience in the Travel and Tourism Industry, as well as commit her future to the idea and implementation of Inclusive Sustainability in all areas of the Travel and Tourism Industry.

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