Funmi Le Moign, HTS Travel, London, UK

Funmi Le Moign, HTS Travel, London, UK

Based in London, Funmi is a seasoned travel & tourism practitioner, consultant and entrepreneur with extensive industry experience in travel management, aviation and airline management. A passionate advocate of responsible travel, Funmi seeks collaborations with travel/lifestyle brands with a focus or interest in Africa.

Funmi is a seasoned travel & tourism promoter, growth expert, consultant, and conservation enthusiast. She has extensive travel industry experience gained from various sectors including OTA, DMC, Travel Agency operations, Tour Operations, Luxury Travel and Aviation. A keen responsible travel advocate, Funmi has seen first hand the transformative power of travel on host communities and is thus committed to advancing African travel & tourism on the global stage. Funmi is open to collaborations with like-minded individuals and organizations on projects that will deliver growth for Africa’s travel industry.

Assist in new product developments
– Drive innovation/innovative concepts in distribution and partnership models
– Contribute to sector-specific training and mentoring programs
– Key contacts in specific markets
– Happy to assist anywhere else where an extra pair of hands may be needed   | +44203875983