Debbie Damant, South African Tourism, Johannesburg, South Africa

Debbie Damant, South African Tourism, Johannesburg, South Africa

I am passionate about my continent, my Africa, and want to be part of the legacy of building this continent into one unified tourism destination, without borders. Tourism has the power to unite all of us and has the capability to look beyond, color, creed, religion or language and create wealth for all our people and reduce poverty.

I have been working at the South African Tourism Board for almost eight years now, as the Country Manager for the SADC region, and moved to head up the Visitor Experience division. Previously, I have worked in the private sector helping small tourism businesses build their offering, including a Botswana based tour operator selling the continent, as well as heading up the promotional marketing at V&A Waterfront attraction in Cape Town

I think that it’s important to have a clear and open mind to discard the silo thinking of only worrying about the space you responsible for. We have to think, innovate and integrate plans and strategies holistically so that Africa wins as a continent….

Africa wins, we all win!

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