Jason Holland, Travel Simplicity, PA, USA

Jason Holland, Travel Simplicity, PA, USA

I am the owner and travel butler with Travel Simplicity. I have been designing experiences since our honeymoon in 2005 and doing so professionally since 2009.

I have traveled to over 30 countries around the world, designed experiences to all 7 continents, and created amazing moments for people to cherish. In fact, as a result of these experiences, one couple recently decided to take a year off to explore South America and a few people have decided to study abroad.

Travel Simplicity has been highlighted in local, national, and international travel publications and is recognized as one of the world’s top travel design companies which makes it just one of 75 companies recognized as such in all of North America. Clients range in location from Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware, Alaska, Canada to Ukraine.

The way we currently run our business I see as becoming much more commonplace in how the travel agency community operates in the future. We are almost exclusively fee-based and have been developing deep relationships with each of our select clients for the last 11 years. I expect that this model will become more prevalent. I can provide insight into the travel agency community and look forward to brainstorming ways to develop/enhance working together instead of being disparate players in a huge market.