Michael Embrey, FunME Events, IL, USA

Michael Embrey, FunME Events, IL, USA

Talented and seasoned Special Events and Tourism specialist with 30+ years background in the creation of special events with planning, sponsorship, fundraising and national and regional event development. Skilled in devising marketing plans to promote events, venues, destinations and events services. Proven history of creating and maintaining success through personal and professional networking.

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Embrey is a frequently requested speaker in the area of tour and travel enhancement and has developed several seminars based on the changing travel market. His “Tourism vs. Eventism” program has had far-reaching impact on a wide variety of audiences. As a motivational speaker, guest lecturer and author, he has made appearances throughout the United States. His seminars and presentations utilize humor as a teaching tool, and he has received rave reviews from those in attendance at these programs.

by Michael Embrey

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Interest Groups:
Community Tourism
Cruise Industry
Weddings & Honeymoon Travel
Wines and Spirits
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