Fabio Carbone, Coventry University & IIPT, UK

Fabio Carbone, Coventry University & IIPT, UK

Lecturer in International Tourism Management at the Faculty of Business and Law and awarded associate researcher at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University (UK). His research focuses mainly on the relations between cultural heritage management and tourism for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, global understanding and peace. His aim, both as academic and expert in the field, is to inspire and inform policymakers and practitioners about what is required for tourism to contribute to build and sustain peaceful communities around the world.

For this relentless commitment, he was appointed Ambassador-at-large of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT). Additionally, he is IIPT Special Envoy to Iran, where he founded the IIPT-Iran Chapter and became editorial director of IRAN TOURISM and member of the Iran Tourism Experts Association. His professional career is based on a strong humanistic background. Beyond the MSc and PhD in Tourism, he has also successfully completed courses in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy (Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin); Religion, Conflict and Peace (EdX, Harvard University), Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster (EdX, Harvard University), and Environmental Security and Sustaining Peace. He published many academic and non-academic articles about cultural heritage management, tourism and peace, and he has invited speaker in several conferences worldwide.

As a practitioner in cultural heritage and tourism, he was a consultant for public and private organizations and an observer member of the Portuguese Steering Committee for HERITY – World Organisation for the Certification of Quality Management of Cultural Heritage, recognized by UNESCO and UNWTO. As International Volunteer, he served the European Volunteer Service in Portugal between 2003 and 2005. Since that time, he served as a volunteer at the local and international levels (Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Iran, among others). He supports the UN Refugees Agency as well as UNICEF, and he belongs to the international UN Volunteers database, to serve in UN missions of Humanitarian Assistance and UN peacekeeping operation.

I wish to have the opportunity to make available to the community my experience and knowledge. In particular, my work -as academic, practitioner, and activist – is related to the complex relationship between cultural heritage, tourism development, and the creation of a culture of peace, and I hope that these topics will be at the center of the “new normal” in tourism. So, I’m here to make it happen.

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