Basant Bajracharya, Basanta Adventure Treks, Nepal

Basant Bajracharya, Basanta Adventure Treks, Nepal

I am Managing Director of Basanta Adventure Treks and Expedition Private Limited and Pamirs Travel Private Limited.

I also represent UK company Oyster worldwide gap year specialist and also run travel company in Lhasa, Tibet, China. I am a gap year and Tibet Tour specialist and in travel since 1990.

I truly believe the trend of future tourism will change gradually as per the mindset of tourist and their requirement. We tourism entrepreneurs will have to change our way of handling and organizing holidays accordingly to adapt ourselves in new fragile conditions giving confidence to travelers around the world. I am also 100% confident people will continue to travel as they are adventurous and looking for experiences.

We have to look into the medical background of the people, train our staff on several medical emergencies condition taking every precaution to keep our guests safe during the holiday. identify risk zone. The government must build infrastructures to combat any kind of emergency situation such as a pandemic or another natural calamity.