Edward Sun, Sun Global Broadband LLC, HI, USA

Edward Sun, Sun Global Broadband LLC, HI, USA

Sun Global, LLC was founded in 2006 by Business Executive Edward Sun for specialized integration and communications as Technical Oversight of Homeland Security with Medstar and Optimus Corporation. Sun Global provided Leading Edge Wireless and Fiber Optic Communications and development projects with Nippon Telephone & Telegraph in Hawaii, Pacific Rim and Asia.

With over 35 years of R&D, Executive Management, and Start-up experience, Ed has launched International Companies, New Ventures and served on Boards and in Executive Management. He served in executive management in Pacific-Asia for Computer City/Tandy, GTE, Hewlett-Packard, GE Lighting, Wyle Labs, Voice-Tel Corp., Aquasearch Inc., Mera Pharmaceuticals, Pacific Information Exchange, Boise Technology, Advanced Technology Systems, Optimus Corporation, Dimensions International, Advanced Technology Systems, FiberDuct Solutions Ltd, and FiberDuct Solutions Singapore PTE. Two of these start-ups reached Initial Public Offering (VeriFone & Aquasearch).

Mr. Sun and his team was prominent in establishing Hewlett-Packard’s Computer Solutions and Electronics Group in Hawaii/ Pacific. As part of the Data Communications R&D Team for GTE, Ed was involved in introduction of X.25 and X.75 Packet Switch Services in the United States in 1981. Some of this technology was later applied in the launch of the credit card industry at VeriFone Inc. He later worked with HP and NASA on Global Warming AI Modeling and related Detection Technologies as part of HP Labs.

Sun Global Broadband was co-founded by Dr. Fujio Matsuda, Jim Clark, John Warta, Dr. Sachio Semmoto, and Edward Sun to develop and implement a Hawaii Wireless network for Public Safety and Smart City, which provides “seamless” roaming for Asian and International wireless subscribers. This effort began in 2003, with meetings between Japan Mobile Carriers and Sun Global. The team now includes Sun Global team members and business partners from HP, VeriFone & Hawaii based Internet, Wireless and Communications Companies.

Sun Global Broadband has created a Safe Travel Bubble for country to country, state to state, province to province, and the Hotel bubble to the Beach or Tourist Venues and Beaches.

We have Privacy protected technology for Fever Check, PPE detection, Social Distancing, Emergency Evacuation, Contactless Access, Geo-Magnetism, Rewards Based COVID-19 Detection, and interface to certified DHS databases.

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