FOOD & PATHS, Theodore Alexiou, Loannina, Greece

FOOD & PATHS, Theodore Alexiou, Loannina, Greece

Networking between people with the same interests benefits both their personal and professional growth. Food & Paths is an initiative of the Epirus Gastronomy Club to bring the visitors of the region close to the gastronomic tradition of Epirus.

In Food & Paths, we consider that the gastronomy of a region is not only the recipes and the dishes. Moreover, it is its flavors and social environment, its climate, the conditions that dictate specific cooking techniques and recipes, the history, the manners and customs of its inhabitants. Considering the above, we implement gastronomic tours in authentic locations, combining entertainment, knowledge, entertainment, and, of course, cooking in nature!

Gastra, Kleftiko lamb baked in the soil, traditional Pies, frozen Sherbet from the Ottoman Empire, Wood Ovens, Pyrostia, and even Tanour ovens from 3,000 BC – Mesopotamia, are some gear and techniques that our visitors see, try their use, and taste their outcomes.

Sometimes with the accompaniment of traditional live music with lute and violin, dating back to the 19th century and even further back, and sometimes by taking advantage of the cycle of time with participation in the harvest, the pressing of grapes, the distillation of tsipouro, festive cooking and festivals, we help the visitor to integrate into the authentic traditional culture of the region.

And, of course, we also offer traditional cooking lessons for the adventurous(!), starting from the opening of phyllo dough for our famous pies. But our historic contribution goes much further back. At Food & Paths, we even implement dinners with authentic ancient Greek flavors, which were transcribed for the use of today’s materials as faithfully as possible, with the help of archaeologist scholars, thus giving a unique opportunity to our visitors to travel over 2,000 years in the past!

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