Vincent Mugaba, Kwezi Outdoors Ltd, Uganda

Vincent Mugaba, Kwezi Outdoors Ltd, Uganda

I am the founder of Kwezi Outdoors Ltd a tour operations business based in Kampala, Uganda. I am an avid photographer interested in promoting Uganda and Africa imagery as part of the tourism experience.

Kwezi Outdoors is passionate promoting Uganda as a great destination beyond just wildlife. Uganda, and I believe much of Africa, has a lot much more to offer beyond the wildlife. It is our strategy to widen our offering beyond the standard and enriching each tour to give every group/individual personal experience and connection.

At Kwezi Outdoors, we believe that people and their well-being are critical to the conservation and enjoyment of our travels. So, as our business strategy, we invest in local communities as a means of promoting sustainable tourism and spreading benefits.

I am interested in active involvement in building content for the project. It is unfortunate that even though Africa has not been at the center of the COVID19, the online impression seems to portray Africa in a negative light as compared to the other areas that are badly hit.

I believe pushing great, true and positive content will go a long way in building up expectations and desire to travel beyond COVID19.

Tourism boards can seek clearance from national governments and have small teams of 2 or 3 journalists to document our attractions.

Tourism authorities to work on creating incentives to promote domestic travel. Work with owners to take up the redundant capacity in hotels.

Promote the creation of national funds to cover companies and freelance guides for any future emergencies. Tourism development funds to help small businesses to weather these storms and more storms will come.