iFREE GROUP, Hong Kong

iFREE GROUP, Hong Kong

The iFREE Group is a global company pioneering new ways to stay connected in the world of travel and mobile communications.

From international calls and data roaming solutions to Wi-Fi connectivity and unique travel products, the iFREE Group has set a goal to break down barriers and bring the world closer together.

As a TRAVELUTION company, iFREE Group focuses on making travel more enjoyable and rewarding by providing solutions that enable travelers to always stay connected, wherever they may be.

The iFREE Group is driven by new global marketplace opportunities with a promise to significantly expand on industry segments worldwide.

iFREE is also driven by a desire to make travel easier for everyone, individuals and corporates alike, by consolidating all-travel related products and one-stop solutions into a website and app – a single e-commerce solution that heralds a new era of travel encapsulating our no limits, no boundaries vision.

Flight, hotel, cruise, tours, safaris, events and much more can be booked through our iAPP and more travel services will be added to create a country and location-specific information, connectivity and enjoyment more convenient for travelers everywhere.

We are actively involved in promoting tourism within Africa through our Global MOGO S Data SIM card allowing seamless connectivity throughout the continent and are currently dealing with a number of National Tourism Boards and airlines. We have an active sponsorship programme in its second year with PATA (we are also a member) and look to roll out similar initiatives to support the AfricanTourismBoard as they start their adventure in the world of destination marketing.

Tony Smith