Victoria Falk, Passionate Travel Inc, NY, USA

Victoria Falk, Passionate Travel Inc, NY, USA

My name is Victoria Falk and I am passionate about all things relating to travel. I am the award-winning CEO of Passionate Travel Inc. I book all types of travel for individuals and groups for leisure, business, and international events.

I am a member of the Press. I cover the annual New York Times Travel Show and I’m a contributing Travel Writer for the following online and print publications: Caribbean American Weekly and Workers World Today.

I also belong to an international travel club membership and recruit other members.

My travel customers and people who read the travel articles trust me as a source of information. When the time is right, I plan to make videos of me enjoying travel destinations. I will interview members of tourism boards and staff at venues to report on what safety precautions they’ve instituted to maintain the health and safety of travelers. Travelers will become more comfortable with booking their travel when they are reassured of the measures taken to keep them healthy and safe.   |