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After quite a long time-out, I feel like resuming my contribution to international tourism, which has been hit so hard by Covid 19 and its social and economic impact on people directly or indirectly involved in travel & tourism. I feel that the time is NOW to seriously bend on sustainability and long-term thinking and acting, on solidarity and (cross-sector) cooperation, as on stakeholders’ creativity, untarnished optimism, and firm will to find ways out of the disaster.

There are haunting questions, let me confine to three of them:
(1) Why have Travel & Tourism (T&T), which keeps boasting the number one peace industry, not succeeded in being awarded the Peace Nobel Prize or at least the Alternative Peace Nobel Prize? — Could T&T not have been more effective — or at least more visible — in providing its share in peace negotiations at political hot spots around the world?
(2) Has T&T ever tried to forge strategic alliances with outstanding environmental organizations, like GREENPEACE, WWF, Conservation International, and, yes — IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), in order to more effectively (and visibly) defend environmental protection and try to comply with climate change challenges?
(3) Why are representatives of Russia and most Central Asian republics missing as WTN members?

“Being different – and evolve!”

Mr. Max Haberstroh disposes of 40+ years of professional experience in tourism management and development. He has worked both in Germany and abroad, including organizations in South America (Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization), Africa/Indian Ocean (Conservation International), Russia (Volga-Don Association), Eastern Europe/Balkans & Caucasus, Central Asia Silk Road countries and China (German Technical/International Cooperation – GIZ, and Centre for International Migration and Development – CIM), Middle East, South-East Asia (German Foreign Office).
Mr. Haberstroh has profound experiences with public tourism bodies and Public‐Private Partnership initiatives for tourism development on senior management level. Besides different lead consultancies he held the functions of a Tourism Director and Marketing Manager for Destination Management Organizations in Germany (i.e. Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office) and the Director of Training and Advanced Training of the German National Tourist Board. Mr. Haberstroh entered his international career in the seventies of the past century, as an assistant to the German Foreign Office (‘Administrative Attaché), as he worked at embassies in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Singapore and Iraq, and later as a travel journalist in Cambodia.
Mr. Haberstroh is a highly qualified, polyglot team-worker, with wide experiences in marketing/promotion, institution building, good governance and policy developing. He has elaborated schemes in view of establishing or overhauling management structures, organizing interdisciplinary and cross‐sector working groups, and coordinating all the activities involved. He held lectures on intercultural communication at Biberach University (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany).
A member of the German Association of Journalists (Deutscher Journalistenverband – DJV), Mr. Haberstroh has published numerous articles in tourism trade magazines, both print and online.
A member of EUROSOLAR, he is specialized in cross-sector cooperation, with a visionary approach on two topics: (1), linking Sustainable Travel & Tourism with Renewable Energy; (2), the impact of Travel & Tourism on Peace.

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