Olumide Ogunlade, Acclaim Nigeria Magazine, Lagos, Nigeria

Olumide Ogunlade, Acclaim Nigeria Magazine, Lagos, Nigeria

I am Olumide Ogunlade, the Editor-in-Chief of a growing media outfit from Nigeria.
Acclaim Nigeria Magazine highlights and promotes development works of individuals, institutions, initiatives, and countries.

The media representation is well known in growth circles in Nigeria and beyond, and
I represent a core leadership structure in the organization.

My experience as a journalist and a development promoter has vastly helped in knowledge acquisition and.capacity building towards continued contributions to global good

My role in rebuilding.travel will be of further impact on its vision and mission drive.

I.intend to use my experiences, influence, and media platform (print & online ) to contribute to its ongoing laudable works given the opportunities.

I desire to contribute to discussions and forums in taking rebuilding travel to the next level of growth.

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