Sheung Tung, China Go Abroad, Beijing, China

Sheung Tung, China Go Abroad, Beijing, China

Expert in Public Policy, Strategic Business, and Tourism

Strong knowledge of the People’s Republic of China’s government policy and practice relating to tourism, medical care, and commercial business;

• 25 years’ experience with international tourism management and 15 years with charter flight operations;
• launched Beijing-Saipan, Shanghai-Saipan, Beijing-Guam, and Bejing-Boracay travel routes; the first person to innovate and implement charter flight program in China;
• 13 years’ successful management and operations experience for high-end medical care clinic; first person in China to propose and implement medical care tourism concept;
• advised and assisted Skechers to develop its brand over 10 years in China; opened and assisted with the operations of over 500 (50 of which were the result of her personal efforts) stores and franchisees in North China;
• excellent connections and resources with Chinese government regulatory agencies responsible for travel, airlines, and health.

Provide insights into the Chinese speedy recovery of the industry after COVID-19  |

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