Mirza Ali, The Asian Guides, Islamabad, Pakistan

Mirza Ali, The Asian Guides, Islamabad, Pakistan

Mirza Ali (born 10 July 1983) is a Pakistani high-altitude Mountaineer and the first Pakistani man to summit all seven highest peaks in seven continents.[Also, Mirza is a professional tourism expert, he is the pioneer who introduced extreme sports to women in Pakistan and made several documentaries related to the extreme adventure in Pakistan particularly women in mountaineering and outdoor.

Mirza Ali is a member of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, economic diplomacy group, engaging various segments of tourism to strengthen economic activities.

would be happy to work on various tasks, including high profile Government engagement, campaigning for the organization to benefit the tourism industry and larger way, connecting and expanding cooperations within the organization, and largely with Governments to promote tourism and sustainability of the industry.

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