Dhananjay Regmi, Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal

Dhananjay Regmi, Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal

CEO Nepal Tourism Board: I am Dhananjay Regmi, born in 1975 in Syangja District in the western part of Nepal, I trained as mountain geomorphologist and glaciologist of Nepal. I obtained my Ph.D. in Environmental Earth Science from Hokkaido University, Japan in 2006. Then, I served as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for the Global Land Project, NODAL office in Sapporo, Japan. I completed a three-month Post-Doctoral course on Dendrochronological Research at Arizona University, USA as a Haury Fellow.

I am a tourism entrepreneur as well as an adjunct professor in the Central Department of Geography and Environmental Science at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and also as a Vice-Chairperson of Nepal Geographical Society. I am involved in the field of climate change and ecological restoration activities as a President of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) Nepal chapter. In addition, as a Chairperson of the Himalayan Research Expedition (HRE) and The Himalayan Research Center (HRC) Nepal, I have been working for the betterment of the livelihood of the high mountain people through a different type of intensive research activities in the Nepal Himalaya.

I also served as a technical advisor, Glaciologist, and Glacier Lake Expert for the Imja Lake Lowering project. I published several papers about the geomorphological changes and tourism, landslide and floods, earthquake and its impacts, glacier lake outburst flood, etc. I devoted significant time of career for the promotion of sustainable tourism in Nepal. Since 30 January 2020,

I am working as a Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board.

NTB is responsible for overall tourism planning for Nepal, so I think I can share the strategy that we are planning to take to tackle the present situation.

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