Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants & Tourism Association, Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants & Tourism Association, Trinidad & Tobago

Objectives of the Association

  • To give individual members a strong representation in public affairs
  • To foster goodwill towards the hotel and tourism industry of Trinidad & Tobago
  • To assist in promoting business for its members and particularly in developing every aspect of the Tourism industry
  • To promote legislation calculated to benefit, improve or expand the Tourism industry in Trinidad & Tobago and to do all things which may be in the power of the Association to combat any legislation which may be calculated to adversely affect the said industry in Trinidad & Tobago or the members of the Association or any of them
  • To engage in, undertake, encourage and support forms of publicity and advertising calculated to promote directly or indirectly any of the objects of the Association

Interested in  Collaborating to improve the training & development agenda and methodology for the re-tooling and re-skilling of the hospitality industry workforce.

Contributing to creating developmental strategies for the integration of traditional and sharing economy tourism business models particularly in the post-COVID19 environment


by Brian Frontin