Soniya Kirpa, The Unknown Planet, India

Soniya Kirpa, The Unknown Planet, India

The Company
We are the Asia, Africa’s premiere Video / AR based Travel, Tours, Hospitality Discovery Platform. Highlighting gendersafe and unique locations we stimulate customer aqusitions for destinations and their local tour/ travel /hospitality/ culture providers. We also create small assistive technology for the regions these MSMEs, which helps them digitize and compete globally.

Who Am I ?

An award winning filmaker and investigative journalist, impact entreprenuer and a fellow in building creative economies.

What can I do?

Working with the leading Bollywood Filmmakers, I am happy to create immersive video/ar travel videos and stories with any destinations PROBONO. Currently we have video mapped 10 Countries, sharing 1000 immersive video /ar stories on travel, hotels, hospitality countries like – India, UAE, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bhutan. Our aim is to help the countries emerge stronger from the current challenges. To highlight the regions and directly help local operators to digitize.