Anat Ben Yosef, Israel Ministry of Tourism, Los Angeles, USA & Israel

Anat Ben Yosef, Israel Ministry of Tourism, Los Angeles, USA & Israel

Anat Ben Yosef is the Consul and Director of the Western Region of the United States for the Israel Government Ministry of Tourism, based in Los Angeles, CA.

She joined the Ministry of Tourism in 2010, after completing their prestigious cadet course. She spent four years with the marketing department at the ministry’s Jerusalem headquarters directing the promotion of tourism to Israel from South and Central Europe, as well as coordinating various worldwide projects in marketing, branding, and online and offline advertising.

Today, she is responsible for all activities promoting travel to Israel from the region. Her time leading the Los Angeles office has coincided with unprecedented growth in tourism from North America to Israel, including an increase of over 30% in 2019. Her daily activities are primarily focused on developing relationships with contacts and entities in numerous industries and communities. These include the travel trade, religious organizations, entertainment, and press. To accomplish this, Ben Yosef and her team also host, sponsor, and execute a great many marketing, PR, and outreach projects.

After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces’ Intelligence Corps, Ben Yosef earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Government, and Communication from Tel Aviv University. She completed her MBA in Marketing and Advertising from Ono Academic College, she also completed additional graduate work in the field of North American Studies at the University of Cologne, Germany.

Ms. Ben Yosef is fluent in Hebrew, English, and Spanish.

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