Rawan Al musfi, Ministry of Tourism, Damascus, Syria

Rawan Al musfi, Ministry of Tourism, Damascus, Syria

I am Rawan ALMUSF. I currently occupy the position of Marketing and Promotion Director at the Syrian Ministry of Tourism

Travel and Tourism today and the short – medium-term, will be one of the most damaged sectors of the economy as a result of the corona crises. The challenge for this sector is how to contribute and lead the transformation of the entire society into an economic new era, the post Coronavirus era which has indeed produced a new reality, a new world. Therefore; we have to adjust our tourism promotion plans and strategies in order to accommodate post crises changes such as:

Increasing the importance of domestic and regional tourism.

Family travel will boom.

Activity and experiential vacations will be the key.

Increasing the importance of using technology in the Travel and Tourism sector in order to rebuild trust in our destinations.

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