Jeevan Sapkota, Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd, Nepal

Jeevan Sapkota, Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd, Nepal

Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd is a widely recognized company established by a group of trekking and travel professionals backed up by decade’s experience in professional tourist guiding and Sherpas (Guide owned & Animal friendly company)  in Nepal.

Our team, being  long experienced more than 20 years in the field of adventure trekking and explore touring in Nepal, we claim to be one of the most competitive and effective services to our clients in the adventure tourism market. Our trekking guides are well trained, experienced and have licenses from the government of Nepal.

We offer great opportunities for making your holiday joy and successful with life memories. We are specialized in nature and cultural tours, community based tour & trekking, wildlife excursion, rafting with more adventure Climbing and Para Treks and many more…

Aroma Nepal Treks & Expedition {P.} Ltd. is a licensed trekking company & managed by professional team. Each year we research new destination & itineraries. Our major target is to provide you with an ecstatic natural variety that will really hypnotize you forever. Our head office in Damside, Pokhara and we have branch office in Kathmandu, Nepal.
We better know as having advanced and quality equipment, experienced and qualified staffs, friendly & responsible crew, professionalized service, safety and health care, team spirit, consciousness about nature, effective management of garbage disposal etc.

We give every year’s refreshment training to our staff so that they can give you information about Altitude Mountain Sickness, local tradition & culture, mountain of Nepal and campsite management. Aroma Nepal Treks is committed to protecting wildlife through the trips we offer. Our guide will always carry the first aid kit box in case of emergency accidents. The highlight of your trip will be interaction with trekking / tour crew and local people. The time you spend with our guide learning of their culture and sharing their sense of humor will definitely provide you some unforgettable memories.

Aroma Nepal is committed to protecting wildlife through the trips we offer. We have signed World Animal Protection’s pledges, committing to not sell or promote wildlife entertainment, including elephant rides and other tourist activities that negatively impact animal welfare and wildlife conservation. We will only offer responsible viewing of wildlife in wild or semi-wild habitats and encourage everyone to be animal-friendly when they travel.

by Jeevan Sapkota

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Interest Groups: 
Community Tourism
Cultural Tourism
Sustainability & Efficiency in Operations


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