Johan Obdola, Global Organization for Security and Intelligence IOSI, BC, Canada

Johan Obdola, Global Organization for Security and Intelligence IOSI, BC, Canada

Johan is a former law enforcement professional from Venezuela, who arrived as a refugee to Canada in 1997. Since then, Johan has dedicated his life traveling all over the world providing advising on security topics, facilitating business investments, and actively supporting emerging economies, and mentoring freshly graduated students from all over the world.

Johan is involved in several projects and initiatives involving defense and security, healthcare. cryptocurrency, advising, and consulting; and he is considered one of the top world authority on narco-terrorism. Johan is an internationally recognized conference speaker at the military, law enforcement, and other official events, and active in the international media. He is also a passionate supporter of social, economic, and health initiatives in developing nations, with a special interest in first nations (Indigenous). Johan with his team and advisors are working on projects related to CBD Oil (no TCH) and its benefits on PTSD, Depression, and other conditions.

Some of his positions and professional activities are:

– Founder and President of the Global Organization for Security and Intelligence IOSI ( Note: IOSI website is currently under redesign.

– Founder and Executive Director of IOSI-Solutions

– Johan Obdola Personal / Profesional Site:

– Initiator and Deputy Chairman of TREEEC Money. ( Berlin.

– The initiator of Diplomatic. Berlin, Global.

– Advisor to the Global Diplomatic Forum (

– Board of the Autism Trust Foundation (

– Advisor of Kape-Kape- Indigenous NGO (

– Deputy Chairman KTP-Aquila Foundation (

– Special Advisor, National Academy of Security and Defense Planning. Romania

– Advisor ADLER Biological Treatment Centre Project. Germany.

– Currently writing his first book.

– Main Offices: Canada I United Arab Emirates I Germany I U.K. I Latin America and Caribbean Region I Africa.

– Close Intel and manpower network: 40,000 + (all over the world).