Zambia Safaris & Adventure Tours, Livingstone, Zambia

Zambia Safaris & Adventure Tours, Livingstone, Zambia

Zamsato is a Zambian family-owned tour operator based in Livingstone. We are operating for 5 years now. Our focus is on small group safaris in Zambia.

I joined the safari industry in 2005 and worked since then as a freelance Interpreter, Chef, Driver, Guide for several mobile safari companies around Southern Africa.

We were hit hard like everyone else in tourism and live from our reserves. We will make it through with help from family and friends. It’s not in our nature to easily give up.

We are trying to market our safaris in Zambia as this is our home market. #travellocal and if only 1% got the money to travel we are talking about 180,000 Zambian travelers.

Of cause I’d like to learn from others how they are managing the challenges. Sharing ideas opens up the mind. |

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