Silva Ušić, Penta PCO & DMC, Zagreb, Croatia

Silva Ušić, Penta PCO & DMC, Zagreb, Croatia

Penta DMC, PCO & DCO is celebrating 30 years of existence and has positioned itself as one of the leading travel agencies organizing incentives and congresses both live and virtual. We belong in WTN by default as we are members of SITE, ICCA, IATA etc.

I personally have 33 years in the travel business: American Express travel Croatia, congresses and incentives.

Silva Ušić, manager of DMC department has been 33 years in the travel business, starting in the American Express Travel Department, manager retail, business travel, congress department, and now manager incentive department in the DMC department.

It is important to learn more about regulations in the countries sending us the business as the whole of Europe and Canada plus South America.
Namely, a corporate group from Brasil is due to arrive in Croatia in September 2020 (rescheduled from June this year), so we need to know if this will be in any way jeopardized not by the corona situation itself, but by government regulations both in Brasil and in Croatia. I have been listening to many webinars and zoom events and you would be surprised how the market moves. Of course, the travel models will change, I think Americans would like to do the “autoinfusion” by traveling only within America, or South America will travel within the South American destinations like Brasilians into Columbia or Argentina into Brasil, etc. Croatia being a corona safe country with a very small number of cases will experience inbound from countries like Austria, Poland, Czech Republic or Romania being the destination that they can arrive by cars or buses. We started domestic flights and the one to Frankfurt, and hope for the best.  |