Nepal Himalayas Trekking Pvt, Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal Himalayas Trekking Pvt, Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mr. Prakash Lamsal is the managing director at Nepal Himalayas Trekking Pvt Ltd, a leading trekking agency in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Involved in Nepal’s tourism industry as a porter to trekking guide, I have started a trekking company on my own. I have completed my master’s degree from Tribhuvan University in Mathematics and Rural Development. I love traveling, making new friends, listening to music, etc. I can speak English, Nepali, Hindi, Chinese, and a little bit of Japanese.

As I was born in a remote village, the stunning and magnificent views of nature always attract me. I spent my childhood there, and my attachment to nature inspired me to start my career as a trekking guide. I started working in the Nepalese tourism industry at the age of 20.

I struggled for many years, and I realized that I could also provide the best and better services compared to other companies to the clients and finally opened the door of (Nepal Himalayas Trekking). Nepal Himalayas trekking offers all the adventure and activities related to travel and tourism I am writing my biography because I want to make a team partner from different countries to uplift my company, better to say, our company.

If anyone of you is interested, experienced, and want to enjoy the Nepalese lifestyle, please contact me. I am ready to share all my feelings. I would prefer the age above 25. We can also arrange the tour to different countries like Bhutan, Tibet, etc.

Now I am successfully leading my agency with more than 20 staff. And all of them are loyal, keen, and experienced in performing their job beautifully.

The trekking guide and tour guide we provide here are experienced, well educated, and know every trekking route and cultural and historical background of Nepal.

They speak Nepali, Hind i, English, Japanese, and many others. [email protected] website : Phone :+977-9841044334, +977-1-4441673 Skype : Nepal.Himalayas trekking

Come and join us to experience the difference in the land of the Himalayas!

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