Frank Szczepanski, IVDiagnostics, HI, USA

Frank Szczepanski, IVDiagnostics, HI, USA

I am an entrepreneur, innovator, and business professional. My company is a biomedical technology company focused on specific solutions for metastatic and infectious diseases.

I have experience across a broad array of technology including biomedical, hardware, software, wireless, telecommunications, and systems integration.

I am a technology advisor and visionary ready to help Hawaii and countries that are partners with the WTTC to rebuild travel and tourism so it is safe for visitors, residents, and travel-related personnel.

Having traveled worldwide for both business and pleasure, I realize that I can contribute to making travel safer for both travelers, essential workers, and that in-country who are actively engaged in supporting tourism. Being a technology visionary, I can recommend solutions for hotels, airports, airlines, cruise ships, local busses, and shuttles so that airborne pathogens can be eliminated, thus improving public health and safety.

I can effectively do this by offering technology solutions that are better and economically feasible to install in airports, busses, shuttles, cruise ships with the objective of eliminating pathogens.

My background is diverse and includes not only biomedical technology for the development of rapid, precise diagnostics, but also includes finance, manufacturing engineering, wireless communications, hardware/software, and systems integration. I can offer my help and assistance to any member of the WTN. Simply contact me via email.

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