Keith Johnston, Vumbua Africa UK Limited, United Kingdom

Keith Johnston, Vumbua Africa UK Limited, United Kingdom

“Travel is an incredible gift – it has the ability to open our eyes, our mind and heart to the unique wonders and cultures of Africa. We are committed to supporting initiatives that protect the plants, wildlife and people all over Africa so they will remain vibrant for generations to come.” We are an Africa Specialist Travel Agent offering planned and bespoke Adventures to 22 different African countries and 3 offshore Islands. Our first-hand experience combines with our careful attention to detail, and an unquenchable passion for all things Africa to ensure that we deliver the perfect holiday every time, get in touch today to begin planning yours. By joining WTN we hope to promote Africa as a continent and keep people up to date on important conservation matters around the continent.

by Keith Johnston

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Interest Groups:
Cultural Tourism
Safer Tourism
Sustainability & Efficiency in Operations
Tourist Guides
Weddings & Honeymoon Travel
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