World Connect pvt ltd, Jaideep Massand, New Delhi, India

World Connect pvt ltd, Jaideep Massand, New Delhi, India |  09810008206

I am in Aviation industry since last 34 years presently representing World connect pvt ltd as Head of Sales- India based in New Delhi with pan India presence. My focus area has always been Out Bound Traffic from India . There has been substantial growth in traffic over the last 15 years till Covid-19 dismantle the Aviation/ tourism industry in India & all over the world. Indian Tourism Industry ( Inbound/Outbound ) is struggling & finding it very difficult without Government bailout.

In my last 34 years of experience Indian Tourism & hospitality industry has faces lots of challenges but have always find the way to come out of it successfully but Covid-19 is way to different. Its a correction time not only for the Airlines to scale down its operations world wide due to poor demand but also for the Hotels to find demand. This situation demand out of the box thinking from all part of society as Covid has taken us at least 15 years behind. It has changed the mind set of the people. I would like to bring Airlines/Tourism Boards/ Tour operators to come together in creating marketing activities never seen before to bring back the confidence level of the travelers to see increase in outbound traffic. We will see the demand but may take couple of years to hit pre covid level. Unfortunately in India tourism doesn’t get the kind of priority other destinations get that’s why Government doesn’t focus much on creating new infrastructure to give push/boost to inbound tourism. We are still living in a heritage world. That thought process needs to be changed & that’s where tourism bodies will have to focus to bring changes.

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