Patricio Tamariz, Tamariz Tourism Consulting Services, Manabi, Ecuador

Patricio Tamariz, Tamariz Tourism Consulting Services,  Manabi, Ecuador

Public-Director of Tourism for the province of Manabí (2000). Regional Manager for the Coast of Ecuador, Ministry of Tourism. First Executive Director for Ecuador’s Tourism Promotion Fund (2004-2007), and responsible for the execution of Ecuador’s First Marketing Plan. Creator and Director of Spondylus Route Project (Ecuador’s First Sustainable Tourism Plan for the Pacific Coast 2008). Positioned as Director for the Coast of Ecuador (2000-2003) and also Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion (2010). Vice-minister of Tourism Promotion and Investments, Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador (2013-2014). Regional zone coordinator for the Ministry of Tourism (2014-2015). Tourism specialist for Manabí Strategic Plan (2017-2018). Director for Productive promotion and Tourism for the Province of Manabí (2018-2019).

Consultant Project Director for the Bi-National Macro Plan Ecuador Peru, Ruta del Spondylus. Ministry of Tourism (2008-2009). Director for the Ruta del Café (Coffee Route) of Manabí-ETEA, ADPM (2008-2009). Main Consultant for Developing Strategic Alignments for the Qhapac Ñan (Inca Trail) Universidad de Cuenca and National Institute of Heritage (INPC) (2009). Main Consultant for the OAS (Organization of American States for the Programa-Technical Assistance to Small Hotels in the Andean Region (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru). Main Tourism Consultant for the Sustainable Development Agenda for the Province of Manabí. (GG&S) and Provincial Government of Manabí. Planning of Spatial Marine Coastal Areas of the Gulf of Guayaquil -Conservation International (contracted by Biotica) (2019). Index of Ocean Health Parameters, Tourism Key Category, Conservation International-Contracted by Biotica (2019-2020). Tourism Sustainable Development Plan for the Pacific Equatorial Destination, International Technical Assistance for the European Union (2019-2020).

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