Murali  Krishna, Happy Vacations, Vijayawada, India

Murali Krishna, Happy Vacations, Vijayawada, India

Hi, I am a delegate of the tourism industry with 25+ years of expertise, I have dedicated my entire professional carrier to this industry by exploring new things every day. My Bench Marks are | 900 + International business networking sessions | 300 + National & International Travel Trade Fair participation | 200 + National & International tourism roadshows | 90 + Countries direct DMCs contract | 30 + Countries have recognized and certified as destination expert | 127 + Locations in India direct contract | 42 + Rare India destination expert.

Being a research scholar on Ancient Civilizations of India, every time i wanted to innovate new destination or hidden secrets of ancient India mythology to connect with present civilization of India for travelers. My focus is to concentrate more on sustainable tourism to create a lively hood for the needy people in every ancient destination in this world which has its own unexplored history.

I would love to share my extensive knowledge on tourism, destinations, Mythology, Ancient civilizations, Hidden secrets of the spiritual world, unexplored caves, temples, ancient architectures many more…..come let’s explore together

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As we see that tourism is one of the greatest industry which has the capabilities to connect people from any part of the world and to understand about the destination, culture, civilizations, architecture, ancient history, transformations of knowledge from one civilizations to other, healthy and developed society, many more….

As i could understand that as a network if can share our thoughts on tourism as well as sustainable tourism we can definitely make a big difference within the society and the people by creating awareness. I personally feel a lot of knowledge-sharing sessions on tourism as an industry need to be conducted to make it more interesting.

by Murali Krishna
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